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Urban Trace


A city has many underlying layers which go unnoticed disguised by the familiar fašade. This photographic collection captures Melbourne in the late hours uncovering and documenting a different perspective of the urban landscape.

Exhibition Specification

A collection of 40 pictures, All framed in dark wood stain with off white mount. 50 - 80 running meters.


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 urban trace 2b
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 urban trace 4c
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 urban trace 3a
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 urban trace 5h
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 urban trace 1a

Interference Latest....

A new collection of pictures I call Interference is currently showing at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fiztroy, Melbourne, Australia.

I created these last year on a shoot with fellow photographer Bronwen Hyde who did a fantastic job of modeling and helping me
explore the idea.

The exhibition runs from the 4th - 27th June. If you fancy a glass of wine, come along to the Opening night on Friday 4th June from 6pm.

Gallery opens 7 days a week 10am - 10pm.

Other bits...

Framelines Edition #8. Follow my work in 'What We See', my section that brings part of the magazine back to Melbourne. This time I found myself looking down into the reflections of the puddles created by the rain..... My personal favorites - Pic 01, Pic 02, and Pic 03. For more information on my articles click here or please visit Framelines Magazine.

Apollo Bay Music Festival. This time I had my earplugs in as I was allowed 'access all areas' to this pumping front row seat. Check out new shots for The Vasco Era, +2, +3, +4, Illzilla, +2, +3, Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3, +2, +3, Dirt River Radio, +2, Flacco & The Sandman, and Felicity Urquhart. Enjoy!

Free brushes! If you fancy a playtime, have a look at some of my home made Adobe Photoshop brushes. Click here for a high and low resolution collection.